30 Year Reunion - June 14, 1997

Greetings From the Reunion Committee:

It‘s been 30 years since that formidable day we faced the world; a world that has changed considerably, but those warm feelings of camaraderie and friendship do not seem to change. Even though we don’t often see or even talk to past friends, many times it‘s as if not a minute has passed, picking up relationships right where they left off.

Many of us have said “I can’t believe it‘s been 30 years. It just flew by.” If you take just a moment to reflect, you will realize that we have all accomplished many things since that day we graduated from Fairfax.

This directory is like a view of that time span. It’s interesting that about 80% of us have stayed in the general area, only about 15 to 20% went beyond the Los Angeles area, some as far away as Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Israel and Hong Kong. There seems to be strong ties to our roots, even though Los Angeles has gone through many changes over the years.

We have also seen Fairfax High change, starting from the year we graduated, but we certainly have our memories of the handsome original campus and of all of our experiences; sports events, Sports Nights, concerts, the clubs, our teachers, and most importantly, our friends.

It seems that what we all want to do the most at our reunions is talk to and reflect with those friends; about our time in school, about the past 30 years, and about each other. So please enjoy yourselves tonight, and make this reunion another one of those fond memories, and all the best to everyone in the future.

From Mike Gazin, Aedilean Winter Class President:

It hardly seems possible that it has been more than 30 years since we graduated from Fairfax. When I see my 17-year-old daughter, Annie, preparing for her graduation from high school in 3 days, it brings back such a flood of vibrant and fond memories of our high school experiences that seemingly occurred a mere “few” years ago. Do you remember voting for our class colors of navy and light blue; the Junior Prom “An Evening in Paris” (actually an evening in Greenway Court); the Senior Day Picnic; the “Senior Something” Breakfast; our Senior Prom at the Bel-Air Hotel and going off to college and/or work the weekend after graduation?

Tonight is such a wonderful opportunity to rekindle long lost friendships and to catch up on times and events gone-by since those wonder years. It is also a night to remember our deceased classmates and honor their memory. On behalf of our class, I offer our sincere appreciation for the hard work and devoted efforts of those on the reunion committee who made tonight‘s event possible. Aedileans Rule!

From Marty Rub, Caprician Summer Class  President:

Thirty years ago the average price of a new car was $3,310; postage stamps were 5¢; a loaf of bread cost 22¢; the first successful heart transplant was performed in South Africa; the first microwave oven was marketed; Lyndon B. Johnson was President; and Mohammed Ali was stripped of his heavyweight title for refusing to be inducted into the military.

Now most of us are experiencing what our parents experienced 30 years ago; our children are in high school and are worrying about their grades, S.A.T. scores and college. Hopefully, our children are having as great a high school experience as we did at Fairfax.

I wish each of you, and your families, good health, happiness and peace as we continue on our journey.

,  For every little tear drop, there is a little kiss

,  For every single heart ache, there is a heart felt thrill

,  With all that our lives bring us, Love is the important thing

The 30 Year Reunion

It was a great party Saturday night, June 14,  1997. The Empire Room of the Sportsman‘s Lodge was brimming with the members of the Winter and Summer  classes reminiscing about Fairfax, the past thirty years, and about each other. It seems that just about everybody  had a great time.

We would like to thank our perennial faculty member, the late Mr. Marty Biegel for his heartfelt thoughts. We would also like to thank all those classmates for their kind words of praise throughout the reunion, including winter class President Mike Gazin, and summer class President Marty Rub. A special thanks also goes to Zeke Manners, Suzie Manners’ father, who attended the reunion as a member of the Class of 1927, the first class to graduate from Fairfax High.

This is a good moment to mention that the alumni association, Alumni & Friends of Fairfax High School, conducted a fundraiser for the Fairfax High 75th  Anniversary Jubilee in 1999 to help reconstruct the Rotunda and Auditorium into a community theater to create a continuing source of income for the school. Please contact Farifax High to make a donation.

We are very happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and hope to see even more classmates at the next one.