Class of '67 Los Angeles


Volunteer for The Reunion Committee: 

If you would like to be on the committee and help plan the reunion, please be prepared to devote time during the one year planning period to the following:

• Attend from 10 to 15 committee meetings (about once a month).

• Volunteer your home for some meetings. (If you would like to provide snacks or food, that would be great.)

• Fold and stuff correspondence and stamp envelopes.

• Search for missing people on the phone, in phone books, on the internet, etc. (A Missing List and search guide will be provided. All expenses will be reimbursed.)

• Come up with ideas for the style of the reunion and what to include. (A list of sample ideas will be provided.)

• Research vendors and expense items, evaluate sites. (A form will be provided with questions for the vendors and a list of expenses.)

• Perform jobs at the reunion party; site preparation and decoration, check-in, crowd control, clean up, etc. (Done in shifts so that you will have plenty of time to party.)

• A list of the Committee members will be included on all correspondence.

If you are interested, please email us: